Scaleup Institute launches 2016 report

The publication of the 2016 Scaleup Institute report shows Britain making real improvements in developing a supportive ecosystem for its emerging high-growth, high-potential businesses.

The report (available in full here) reveals that whilst Britain has some way to go before it can declare itself the leading Scaleup nation, the landscape appears materially improved since an initial Scaleup study made in 2014.

Research spanning academic and commercial sources, in complement with case studies and stakeholder interviews, generated key insights and recommendations for stakeholders. Of particular note, the study highlighted a need for relevant educational resources developed for high-growth businesses and their leadership teams. The report also suggested a range of practical mechanisms to improve government and large corporate engagement with smaller, high-growth businesses.

The Cass Entrepreneurship Fund remains a stalwart supporter of high-growth ventures, investing in promising, revenue-generating businesses across a range of sectors. With rich connections to Cass Business School and its international alumni network, the Fund is able to offer wide-ranging support for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking funding and resources to achieve their commercial aims.

The Scaleup Institute: